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About Natural Fruit Corporation

A brief history of Natural Fruit Corporation

Brothers Simon and Jorge Bravo Sr. founded Natural Fruit Corporation in 1985.

Raised in South America and educated in the U.S., brothers Simon and Jorge had worked and traveled around the world trouble shooting for major brand manufacturers.

Wherever they traveled, they always remembered the paletas de frutas they had enjoyed as kids: delicious frozen fruit on a stick. Not the hard, icy sugar water bars they found in typical grocery store brands, but a delectable, wholesome treat.

Simon and Jorge determined to create a quiescently frozen fruit dessert with a luscious taste and texture like the ones they had grown up with -- but produced with modern methods that would make mass manufacture practical. This would allow them to bring a wholesome treat to the world.

Their backgrounds in food science and manufacturing coupled with their desire to produce only the highest quality frozen fruit bars led to the founding of Natural Fruit Corporation.

Concentrating on what they knew best, Simon and Jorge started a small factory and established themselves by producing premium fruit bars for quality distributors and retail outlets. Today Natural Fruit Corporation is a global manufacturer of premium frozen fruit bars for the finest retail outlets and distributors in the world.

Natural Fruit Corporation still maintains the same principles manufacturing the Chunks O' Fruti® brand products. We never use artificial dyes, artificial flavoring or any other ingredients that would compromise the quality of Fruti bars.

The first ingredient on our list is fruit -- and we use only fruits picked at the peak of ripeness for the best colors and flavors. Our FRUIT FIRST ingredient list makes our products stand far above the rest!

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