Think Positively and Lose Weight!

young woman weight training byLyndaSanchezDid you know that just thinking positively about your body can help you lose weight or keep pounds off? In a study commissioned by Special K, researchers found that nine out of ten women who thought more about good, positive things lost pounds or kept them off throughout the past year. You won’t want to be that one woman who gained weight because she was upset about her body!

The language we use when talking about things affects the way we act and think, says a study from Stanford, so it’s only fitting that the women who thought better of their bodies do best in weight management. For instance, if you use negative words when looking at yourself in the mirror and only focus on the bad parts of your body, you’re more liable to think of yourself poorly. When you do that, you lose motivation to improve your body .

When you’re looking for inspiration for weight loss, be careful you’re not feeding negative thoughts about your body. Looking at photos of extremely thin women or women who have very different natural shapes than your own for inspiration can lead to negativity, instead of highlighting the beautiful parts of your bodies and constructively looking at weaknesses in terms of physical health.

Thinking positively can also help you make better food choices when it comes time for snacks and meals. If you’re upset about your “fat” thighs, you might give up on your fitness goals and reach for a doughnut instead of grabbing a healthy frozen fruit bar as a snack. But if you’re happy with your body and your progress towards your weight loss goals, you’re more likely to stick with it instead of giving up that happy feeling. So next time you look in the mirror and think negatively about your body, focus on a feature you love about your body instead!

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