Ten Reasons to Eat More Fruit

fruits-and-vegetables-karimianEating healthy foods is important to us at Chunks O’ Fruti because we know how much of a positive impact it can make on your daily and long-term health. There are thousands of reasons to eat the full servings of fruit every day. That’s why we use real fruit as the first ingredient in our frozen fruit bars and why we don’t have any weird additives to copy real fruit taste. Instead, we get it right from nature.

There are a lot of reasons to eat fruit but here’s our top ten:

  1. A recent study says those who eat hardly any fruits and vegetables die 37 months sooner than those who do. Eating plenty of fruit is the sweetest route to a long and healthy life.
  2. Eating fruit reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes by 21%.
  3. Berries can help your brain age less quickly and keep your memory stronger.
  4. Happiness levels are higher in people who eat more fruit.
  5. Fruits hit the spot when you’re craving sweets — with far fewer calories and more nutrients.
  6. As inflammation fighters, fruits can help relieve arthritis.
  7. Vitamins and minerals from fruits are more effective than pills for health.
  8. Fruits help rejuvenate your skin and lead to a healthier complexion.
  9. Eating fruits regularly can outweigh genetic disposition to heart troubles.
  10. Weight loss is easier when you eat plenty of fruits.

The best way to get fruits in your diet is to eat real fruit instead of using supplements or drinking juices. Chunks O’ Fruti bars are an easy and convenient way to get all the benefits of fresh fruits, since studies show frozen fruit is just as good as fresh and might even be better if picked at the height of nutritional value. And because they’re tasty, Chunks O’ Fruit bars are a refreshing fruit treat that everyone loves!

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