Graduation Party Ideas

graduation-partyIf you’re hosting a graduation party this weekend to celebrate the achievements of your child, finding an easy and quick dessert to serve to guests that everyone can eat and enjoy can be a challenge. We’ve got an idea — why not pick up a pack of Fruti bars? You can just set out a box of Fruti bars for everyone to enjoy without worrying about preparing a complicated dessert. Simply unwrap and they’re ready!

At big parties, there may often be people with special dietary needs. You might not even realize that Cousin Rachel has become a vegan and your grad’s roommate has gone gluten-free till you try to serve up cake and ice cream. Fruti bars, however, make great party snacks and desserts because anyone can enjoy them. There’s no worry about dietary restrictions that would otherwise ruin a happy event. Even in families with a wide array of needs, from diabetics to allergy prone family members, you can find a Fruti bar that suits them.

Fruti bars are also really affordable. A pack of four varieties with 16 bars runs less than $10 at Sam’s Club so they’re perfect for a large crowd. A custom cake can set you back a lot of money you could otherwise spend on a gift for your grad. Prepared snacks and desserts might not be popular and then you’re left with a lot of leftovers and less money in your pocket. Fruti bars, on the other hand, can be saved all summer long if they make it to the end of the party. However, we doubt they will!

And if you’re looking for something a bit more showy than just a frozen fruit bar, don’t forget to check out our pastry dessert ideas or other frozen treat ideas. Fruti bars make a great base for lots of different recipes, including fun smoothies for adults and children alike. For your grad party, pick up a box of Fruti bars and everyone will be happy, including you!

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  1. Leslie Lyon says:

    Great idea! I think the most important part of party planning is finding a theme, decor and games. Once you do that, other decisions about the party become easier.

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